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Mumford and Sons/Itachi and Shisui

1. Babel

2. Whispers in the Dark

3. I will Wait

4. Holland Road

5. Ghosts That We Knew

6. Lover of The Light

7. Lover's Eyes

8. Reminder

9. Hopeless Wanderer

10. Broken Crown

11. Below My Feet

12. Not With Haste

13. For Those Below

14. The Boxer

15. Where Are You Now?

A written tribute to Itachi and Shisui and Mumford and Sons. :D Song is For Those Below

Singing Callous

Though Shisui learns the instrument for a mission, Itachi calls is a godsend.

Shisui scoffs at the idea of using his Sharingan to learn to play, and instead plies his long fingers to the wire strings, squinting at the sheet music spread before him. He growls and grouses and his callouses squeak and whine across the strings as he fumbles to find the right note. The right fret. The perfect sound.

Itachi sleeps on his back under the summer window, eyes closed as Shisui mutters and hums and curses life and foreign fetishes with impossible instruments.

As the mission draws near, Itachi rubs Shisui’s cramping fingers, aware his cousin is there. Visible and coherent in an eerie way that he has not been for days. Weeks. Maybe months or years if Itachi is honest with himself and his ghosts. It is as if, Itachi realizes as Shisui presses the string down, he presses himself down and firms the fly-away mess of his mind.

Itachi naps away his nightmares under Shisui’s open window, the only sleep he gets these long hard days as his cousin frets away on his instrument, lips bowed and firmed, loose and open as notes tinkle and tinker and fall from his reaching fingers.

Whispered notes from the piano in the corner of the room, Hold your throat is that healing that you're hearing in her tune. Wanting change but loving her just as she lies. Is the burden of a man who's built his life on love.

Soft words on the breeze, sliding in and out of Itachi’s head as he opens his eyes and finds Shisui eyes half closed.

I'll be locked up in a store. In the lavender ward. 'Cause my mind is just like her's. Just as broken just as crippled just as burned.

“Hey, you’ve got it,” Itachi murmurs as he rolls over, still heavy with sleep and promises of fickle dream.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, guess I do.” Shisui smiles a little, absent in a funny, warm way as his fingers caress a few more notes.

And then I find myself on top as the leader of the flock. Called to be around for those below.

“Guess I’m ready for the mission,” Shisui hums, breathless and happy. Content. Itachi smiles and rests his head again.

“Maybe you should play it one more time before you go,” Itachi suggests.

Shisui smiles, laughs, nods, and bends his head. His lips make a soft warming noise, and then he begins again.

Helpless she lies across the stairs. Haunting your days consuming your breath. There will be healing but don't force this girl to stand. As she's counting the ceilings with pale voice and trembling hands.

Itachi drifts to sleep.
It is odd, Kisame thinks, that Itachi hums whenever he sees a river, or wakes in the night, or when he shakes. It is odd that he flinches when a callous squeaks over trap wire, or when one rasps over metal.

It is odd.

But not so strange.

'Cause my mind is just like her's. Just as broken just as crippled just as burned.

And then I find myself on top as the leader of the flock. Called to be around for those below.


Beautiful icons! And the story is lovely as well. ;o;