So much to do, so much to see

so much we could be.

27 June 1990
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I am me. Currently 'me' is a English Major trying to get through college. This Journal will mostly be used as a place to put drabbles and keep up with people.

Story behind the username--no, it's not just random. Lizzy(Liz) has long been my nickname. When I was younger a cousin had trouble saying by name, and called me for a while "Bizzy Beth", fitting, since I have always been busy. Busy bee, Bizzy Beth, Lizzy--I am the bizzylizzybee.

Other writing can be found here.

Concerning RP
I have a love hate relations with RP. It can be amazingly fun, and I really enjoy it. On the other hand, talking or writing with other people can be nerve wracking for me.

I have played
Hagane Kotetsu and Uchiha Itachi at the now dead sarutobiuni
Umino Iruka misterdolphin briefly at adstringendum
Uchiha Itachi and Yamanka Ino spoiledpigirl at orochiagenda

I currently play:
Uchiha Itachi dangodragon and Hagane Kotetsu punk_echindna at triad_rpg
Uchiha Itachi spark_of_genius at [Bad username: sadduce:></FONT></DIV></TD></TR><TR><TD><IMG src=]
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